What are people saying about the Barton Family Adventures?

“I feel like I know the Bartons.  Nat, a typical teenager…curious and naive, is my favorite.”  –  Dee


Lori B.  –  Amazon Review  –  Verified Purchase


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading of the Barton Family adventures. This book is filled with great Christian values and lots of excitement. I liked how the author keeps things moving along and holds the interest of the reader. Being told from the son’s point of view will make this book a favorite of, not only school age boys, but readers of all ages. I believe it is a great “read aloud” book for younger children, too. I would definitely recommend this book to all and am looking forward to reading the next one.”

“This is a great book for my grandkids. They will love reading it together.”   –   C.J.


MrLincoln  –  Amazon Review  –  Verified Purchase


“This book was a great second addition to the Barton Family Series! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their adventure/mission on the island of Haiti. It was chock-full of action, suspense, and had a great message behind it all. The pacing was great and the suspense had me turning pages as fast as I could read. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes to read about a good adventure.”

“… it is a great “read aloud” book for younger children.”   –   Lori B.
HeatherK  –  Amazon Review  –  Verified Purchase


“We read this book as a family and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!! We finished it in three days as we wanted to return to reading to find out what happened next! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun, wholesome book to read.”

“My daughter loved this book!  Highly recommended for parents wanting to teach positive Christian values.” – Jonathan

Jim  –  Amazon Review  –  Verified Purchase


Excellant story . . . I haven’t read a book in years but this one captured my attention and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Awesome!!

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