Who's behind the Barton Family Adventures?

The inspiration for ‘kilrB3 Media & Design’ springs mostly from Mark’s experience in raising the three killer “B’s” … Brandon, Blake, and Brianna.”  Many an evening spent reading stories from the Sugar Creek Gang, Danny Orlis, The Hardy BoysNancy Drew, and others fueled imaginations for weekend adventures into the outdoors.

For many years, both Mark and his wife Donna have been very active with church youth groups and students from all walks of life. Mark currently travels the globe as a Market Development Manager in 3D printing while staying active with teaching a Sunday College & Career class.  He’s worked with young people, both teens and young adults, for over 25 years having held positions ranging from volunteer Junior Church programs to staff Youth Pastor, from sixth grade and high school teacher to Varsity Athletic Director, and from summer camp sponsor to directing youth activities.

Mark’s desire for the Barton Family Adventures is that they spark young people’s imagination and interest while challenging the perception that “being a Christian and serving God is boring.”  Reality is that trusting our unseen God can be the biggest adventure of a lifetime.