Barton Family Adventures – Book 4


What if you found yourself in prison, or lived in a place where they outlawed going to church? That’s exactly where the Barton’s find themselves when what started as an average cruise sailing through the Caribbean ends with them caught in a storm, being blown off course, and captured by the Cuban authorities. All hope seems to be lost as they find themselves locked away in a gloomy prison cell. But that’s when a mysterious figure from their past emerges to help them escape and find a way off the island. Join Nat and Ruth as they learn more about trusting God even in the midst of an unknown future.

The Barton Family Adventures are filled with Christian values and designed to be eBook adventures you can trust while connecting with the kid in everyone. They are a great read for parents, for your independent reader, or for everyone together as you read it aloud with the family. Middle grade readers, teachers, parents, and grandparents will all be pulled into the hunt for glittering gold pieces of eight from the very beginning.


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Change in the Wind


The journey starts here when you join Nat and Ruth Barton, who see everything in their life change overnight as they are launched into the unknown. Little did they think that helping missionaries would turn into the adventure of a lifetime. While living aboard and sailing to tropical destinations, they encounter pirates, spies, witchdoctors, and experience things beyond their wildest imagination.
In this, the first of the Barton Family Adventures, learn how it all began. Learn how everything was turned upside down, how they came to live on board a sailboat, and how their first adventure landed them in the hands of modern day pirates and boat thieves. Their faith and trust in the Lord is put to the test as they wonder if rescue will come in time.

Voodoo Encounter


Trek along with their travels when you join Nat and Ruth Barton and their family’s continuing adventure to help missionaries around the world. In this latest journey they are on the island of Haiti where their encounters with a local witchdoctor and his voodoo tricks will be directly countered with a true higher power. Right in the middle of everything else that happens on their visit, a natural disaster strikes that seemingly complicates everything.


Treasure Hunt


Did the famous pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, really hide a treasure from his crew and everyone else? The journey continues when Nat and Ruth visit modern day Kingston, Jamaica … the site of old world Port Royal. Follow the clues with them in an adventurous mystery where they cross paths with a ruthless band of treasure hunters looking for the cache long rumored to have been hidden by Captain Henry Morgan himself.



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“The Barton Family Adventures are filled with great Christian values and lots of excitement.”

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